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Unsung Hero’s: Dogs on Duty

An undeniably important part of any police force is its canine unit, which often proves to be invaluable in solving certain cases. In fact, many of these dogs form part of the police force’s Rapid Response unit for serious crimes, which means they are often the first on site. Yet we don’t hear enough about …

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The Dogs That Help Heal

As man’s best friend, dogs have always been able to bring a smile to our faces, even in the most trying of times. Their unconditional love has been a documented source of strength for many, which has steadily become a popular therapy that provides comfort to the sick, injured, elderly, and physically and mentally disabled. …

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Fur-ever Yours

With February being the month of love, we thought it quite appropriate to celebrate one of man’s oldest and most enduring relationships. And probably the only one that doesn’t involve chocolate. The special bond that exists between humans and their dogs is undeniable and one that can be traced back to our hunter-gather roots, and …

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The Legend of Sauer

When it comes to extraordinary dogs, South Africa seems to be in no short supply. Joining Jock of the Bushveld on our list of legends is Sauer the Doberman Pinscher – the world record holder for best tracking. This rather unknown local hero sniffed his way into the record books way back in 1925 and …

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